Takeover Day 2010

Thursday 11 November 2010

Tomorrow is Takeover Day!

This is a national event that we promote and celebrate at Moortown Primary.  It offers the chance for children and young people across the country to work with adults and get involved in decision-making.  Children can gain skills, knowledge and inspiration and experience in some way the world of work.

Last year, we were one of two Leeds schools to be selected to go to Merrion House and visit the Chief Executive of Education Leeds.  The children had a working lunch and considered various issues facing schools today.  They also enjoyed visiting the offices and seeing all the different people who support teaching and learning in Leeds.

This year, we’ve volunteered our skills again!  A group of older children will visit the Healthy Schools team for Leeds.  We’re such a great example of a happy and healthy school, I’m sure our children will be able to help the team in many ways!

Tomorrow, children in each class will take over part of the day.  They might teach the new spelling rules, they might read a story, they might talk about topics!  One child from each class will also lead the Friday Assembly – they’ll choose the people who deserve certificates, for example!