07 January 2011

Friday 07 January 2011

This week’s homework is creative and links to the literacy learning that we have been doing in class. It is due in on Wednesday 12 January 2011.

I can write a kenning poem.

 A kenning poem describes something without giving its name away. It uses verbs ending in ‘er’.

 Here is an example similar to the ones we looked at in class:

A loud-barker

A swift-sprinter

A mud-roller

A cat-chaser

A tail-wagger

Think of your own animal. Now write a kenning poem about your animal. Remember to think of all the verbs (doing words) that your animal does and then add ‘er’ to the end of them.

Adjectives/ Adverbs group: Try to use your ambitious vocabulary. Can you think of even better words eg. eater could also be scoffer or gobbler.  (Remember your hyphens too!)