Demand for primary school places

Sunday 16 January 2011

The following information could directly affect friends or family who have children starting school in September 2012 or later.  Please do alert them of the need to find out more.

In Leeds, demand for places at primary schools is increasing rapidly.  The local authority is proposing that various primary schools around Leeds expand (despite the authority closing primary school a few years ago).

In this area, the proposals are more unusual: to increase primary school places by changing the age range of three local secondary schools – Allerton Grange, Roundhay and Carr Manor – so that they accept children from 4 – 18 years. As one school, there would only be one headteacher managing provision for 4 year olds as well as 18 year olds.

Whilst there is a primary school already close to all three of the schools (Moor Allerton Hall, Kerr Mackie and Carr Manor Primaries), these schools are not subject to any expansion proposals.  There is scope for Moortown Primary to expand using the land at the rear of the school and the authority has registered interest in this; however, there are no immediate plans to do so and previous proposals to use the land have not gone ahead.

You can read more about the proposals online or call in to school for paper copies of the consultation booklet. There is a series of public meetings in the week beginning 24 January where you can ask questions and express your views about the proposals:

Regarding Allerton Grange High School expansion:

Tuesday 25 January 2011, 6.30pm at Allerton Grange School, Talbot Avenue, LS17 6SF

Thursday 27 January 2011, 6.00pm at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School, Lidgett Lane, LS17 6QP

Regarding Roundhay High School expansion:

Monday 24 January 2011, 6.15pm at Roundhay School, Gledhow Lane, LS8 1ND

Regarding Carr Manor High School expansion:

Wednesday 26 January 2011, 6pm at Carr Manor High School, Carr Manor Road, LS17 5DJ

Tuesday 25 January, 9am and Thursday 27 January, 2pm at Carr Manor Children’s Centre, Carr Manor Road, LS17 5DJ

Written responses can also be made:

• using the form in this booklet, which includes details of where to send it;

• by letter, to School Organisation Team, 10th Floor West, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8DT; or

• by email to: