The Great Swapathon

Friday 28 January 2011

The Great Swapathon is a new initiative from Change4Life and aims to give families tips, help and advice to encourage healthier lifestyles in an effort to deliver one million swaps across England.

Whether you swap fizzy drinks for pure fruit juice, swap snacking on a bag of crisps for a handful of fresh or dried fruit or swap four wheels for two feet there are simple swaps that everyone could try.

Today all children have received information about the campaign and will complete Talk Time homework to show how they can make a healthy swap.  We do have some spare voucher books if you would like more or to pass them on to others.  Please ask at the office.

 The Change4Life website includes a useful new tool to help people find more personalised swaps and also recipes for meals and healthier alternatives to favourite snacks.

 Our Packed Lunch guidance, launched last term, also includes lots of ideas for healthy swaps including:

We would encourage children who bring a packed lunch to school to consider a swap they could make to their packed lunch.  The Packed Lunch guidance is available from the office or in the Find Out section (meal).

 It would be great to hear about your swaps and more importantly if you have managed to stick to them!