We really are happy and healthy!

Tuesday 08 March 2011

At Moortown, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn. We monitor this closely to make sure that it’s not just an empty slogan but a true picture of life in our community.

For the past three years, one of our classes has been taking part in a short survey (‘Me and My School’) which looks at responses in relation to emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties and school climate. The results help us to ensure our provision best suits the needs of our children – and we receive vouchers to spend on play equipment, too!

There is strong evidence that there is a higher proportion of pupils with low anger and aggression scores at Moortown Primary School than participating pupils both nationally and locally. The school climate is rated better at Moortown Primary School than schools nationally and locally. The emotional difficulty scores of pupils at Moortown are lower.

As well as Moortown, 181 other schools across England took part. A total of 20 schools in Leeds completed the ‘Me and My School’ questionnaire. Children responded to a series of statements, answering ‘Never’, ‘Sometimes’ or ‘Always’.