Perfect Persuasion and Promotion

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Year 6 have learnt how to write adverts that persuade and promote. We invented a new bike and wrote an advert to encourage people to buy our product. Here is the advert – it’s fantastic!

Do you want to be the coolest cyclist in town? With our brand new, top of the range, most innovative bike ever, you can go anywhere, any place, any time with the awesome Speed-o-Matic. It’s fast… fun and funky. Only a fool would settle for less.

Are you ‘wheelie’ ‘tyred’ of your boring bike? We know you are, so go and buy the Speed-o-Matic… NOW! Jam-packed with heaps of high-tech features, the Speed-o-Matic is everything you’ve ever dreamed of… and more.

From its six smooth gears to its jaw-dropping 15 metallic colours, the Speed-o-Matic has it all. Other mind blowing features include:

Surely you would agree that this global phenomenon is the ultimate in cycle technology. The facts are clear: Speed-o-Matic is the highest ever rated bike in ‘Race Magazine’ with an astonishing ***** rating. Don’t just take our word for how brilliant the Speed-o-Matic is… “This is the greatest bike I’ve ever used.” Jim Smith (Olympic Cycling Gold Medallist)

Available from all good bike retailers around the globe. Normal price £200, but now reduced to a bargain price of only £129.99 while stocks last. (With 3 free seat covers)

The Speed-o-Matic comes with a life time guarantee.

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

Go and get it from the bike shop

Speed-o-Matic’s for you

The Speed-o-Matic…. fast, fun, funky.  Get it…..NOW!