Training Day

Wednesday 04 May 2011

We’re closed tomorrow, Thursday 05 May.

I realise there have been many disrupted weeks, with too many odd days off for our children. This is far from ideal, especially in the week just before Year 6 SATs.

However, Moortown Primary is used as a polling station. This means that we are not able to change the date of this day. Other local schools, such as Talbot Primary, have had the same days of closure in recent weeks.

As we always do, we’ll use the day as a training day for our teachers. They will be in school on Thursday and we will be writing the 2011-12 School Development Plan and Action Plans so that we keep getting better and better.

Apart from the half-term holiday (week beginning 30 May), there are no other planned school closure days this year, the last day of the summer term being Friday 22 July.