2011-2012 classes

Saturday 18 June 2011

Last year, I told you about four new teachers starting. The teachers we recruited went through a very rigorous process and I’m delighted to say that the four – Mr Redfearn, Mr Wilks, Mr Owen and Miss Hazell – have all had a fantastic year at Moortown Primary School.

There will be only a few small changes to teaching staff next year:

Here is a list of who’s teaching which year group for 2011-12:

Foundation Reception: Mrs Burke
Key Stage One Year 1: Mrs Weekes and Mrs Maver
Year 2: Miss Hewson
Key Stage Two Year 3: Mr Wilks
Year 4: Mr Redfearn
Year 5: Mr Owen
Year 6: Miss Hazell

Later this term, your child will spend some time getting to know his or her new teacher, teaching assistants and classroom. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions, comments or concerns, as always please contact me.