24 June 2011

Friday 24 June 2011

The spellings this week are all words which require a letter to be doubled up because of a short vowel sound just before.

For example: hopping. The short ‘o’ (different to the ‘o’ in ‘hope’) sound means that the ‘p’ must be doubled up. (If it was a long ‘o’ sound the word would be hoping and wouldn’t need a double ‘p’.)

Nouns and verbs should practise numbers 1-8. Adjectives and adverbs should practise 1-10.

  1. follow
  2. happy
  3. banning
  4. swimming
  5. batter
  6. spinner
  7. trigger
  8. different
  9. accommodation

Spellings will be tested on Friday 29 June. Practise hard!