01 July 2011

Saturday 02 July 2011

The home work this week is Practice Makes Perfect and is due in on Wednesday 06 July.

I can write a poem.

Children can choose to write either a kenning poem, cinquain poem, or adverb poem about a subject of their choice.

We have been writing these types of poems this week in our literacy lessons this week.

Examples of each type of poem are listed below:


Kenning poems describe something without giving their name away:

A buzzing beast

A stinging stinger

A buzzing insect

A bug eyed beast

A flappy winged

A colourful monster

A crawling feeder

A flower raider


Sadly, the black line slowly winds

Sadly, the cold wind splits the pines

Sadly, the grave site dark and cold

Sadly, the truth – we all grow old.


A cinquain is a five line poem that has a specific number of syllables on each line. The first line has two syllables. The second has four. The third has six. The fourth has eight. The fifth has two.

Talking, caring, sharing
Taking and giving all at once
Best pals