Goodbye, Year 4

Thursday 21 July 2011

I’d like to congratulate Year Four on a great year – the children have worked extremely hard. Throughout the year, I have seen a noticeable improvement in many of the children’s behaviour and attitude to learning. Some of the children have been exceptional from start to finish too which has paid off in their learning.

I’d like to say an extra well done in literacy to Sami and Lili who have both made double the amount of expected progress in a year! In maths, Lili, Rishitha, Faizaan, Meva, and Nevan have made great progress. A big well done to Grace, Henry, Max and Nevan who have also made brilliant progress in reading.

Some of my highlights of the year include:

Thank you to Mrs Bald, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Freeman for the invaluable support that they have provided this year also.

I wish all of the children a fun and successful year with Mr Owen in Year Five!