Write away!

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Did you know we have two published authors in our school community?

Year 3 parent, Emma Barnes, has a new book out for children called How (Not) to Make Bad Children Good. Aimed at 7-10s, it’s the story of naughty child, Martha, who is so bad that an Interstellar Agent, Fred, is sent to Earth to try and sort her out.  Emma will be appearing at Waterstones on Saturday 24 September.

We’re all very proud that Carolyn Hazell, our Year 6 teacher, is also a published author.  Her book, Pav the Plumber Saves the Day, is popular amongst our children, and a great resource in school to promote reading and writing.  Our current Year 6 pupils are being inspired to write great character descriptions, and a former pupil described Miss Hazell as ‘inspiring’ as a teacher and writer.