Even easier ways to vote for Bronwen!

Thursday 27 October 2011

Following a previous item urging people with a Leeds Learning email account to support Bronwen (a Y6 pupil) in her bid to be Leeds Mayor for the Day, they’ve made it even easier for everyone with email to vote.

Voting opened on Leeds Learning Network (LLN) on Monday 17 October and since then over 1,700 votes have been cast. In addition to this, following feedback from schools and in the interests of a fair democracy, organisers at Leeds Children’s Services have now enabled individuals without LLN accounts to vote via the city’s ‘Breeze’ website.

So, to summarise:

Voting closes at midday on Friday 04 November. If you haven’t yet voted please take three minutes to do so – as a smaller school than other candidates, it’s really important that as many as possible vote. The results have been so close in previous years that every last vote can make a difference!