Our new SEAL theme is…

Monday 20 February 2012

Good To Be Me.

SEAL stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.  This is a national scheme that promotes self-awareness, managing feelings, empathy, social skills and motivation.  At Moortown Primary, we’re dedicated to the value of SEAL in promoting a happy and healthy place to learn.  Good To Be Me is one of the national SEAL themes that we think about in the year.

The Good To Be Me theme explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘good to be me’.  The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy. The theme focuses on:

As you can see, some important messages are promoted.  Starting next week and continuing each week this half-term, we’ll concentrate on a different area:

Each Friday, SEAL certificates are awarded to children who have demonstrated particularly well their ability to act upon the statements.  More importantly, the themes, and others around Good To Be Me that are especially relevant to your child’s class, are discussed and promoted.  Perhaps you can support your child’s learning by discussing these statements at home, too.