Our new SEAL theme…

Monday 16 April 2012

…starts next week. 

This week, we think about our manners: we encourage children to make way for others.  We’ve talked about stepping to one side or holding the door open for others, and especially for people who might have difficulty walking, or those who might be carrying heavy bags, or generally those to whom we want to show respect.

The SEAL theme beginning next week and lasting for the rest of the half-term is Relationships.  This theme explores feelings within the context of our important relationships including family and friends.  The key areas of learning are self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy.  There is a focus throughout the theme on helping children understand the feelings associated with an experience that we all need to cope with at some time: that of loss – whether of a favourite possession, a friend, a family home, or a loved one.  Although relatively few children are bereaved, most will experience losses of other kinds during their childhood; losing a home, losing friends because of moving house or changing schools, or losing a pet are examples.  We therefore ask you to alert us to any experiences your child has had that might make this area particularly difficult for them – for example, a bereavement.