Our Money themed week…

Friday 01 June 2012

…was a great success!

Amongst some of the highlights were…

The Creative homework where children came up with a new business idea culminated in a Dragons’ Den -style assembly where the best entrant from each class presented their business idea to two dragons: Mrs O’Malley, our Resources Manager, and Mrs Rush, the Chair of Governors.  Well done to all the finalists, and especially to Ava in Y1 who devised a business called Water Me, who will water all your plants whilst your away for only £1 a day.

The week reached its climax yesterday afternoon, however, with the Business Fair – this was a class competition to see which class could make the biggest profit.  Each class took out a loan from school for £20 and had to invest their money wisely on an idea that would make a profit.  Businesses were charged for the ‘hire’ of school equipment and for costs such as photocopying: Matteo bargained very effectively to reduce my original hire charge of £2 for display boards to a bargain (for his class!) of £1.20.

You’ll be amazed to hear about the profits each class made.  Here are the results:

Who? Selling what? Sales: Costs: Profit
Reception an art gallery selling their own art £167.36 £14.53 £152.83
Year One Jubilee-themed items £62.00 £19.70 £42.30
Year Two ice-cream £83.45 £12.80 £70.65
Year Three Ship’s Biscuits and Pirate Grog £68.41 £17.14 £51.27
Year Four Jubilee buns £66.26 £16.91 £49.35
Year Five milk shakes £78.66 £17.10 £61.56
Year Six joke books £103.73 £12.00 £91.73


So, well done to Year 2 (third), Year 6 (second) and, with a whopping profit of £152.83, well done to Reception.

I’m pleased to say all the classes have paid off their loan from school, too!

The classes will choose how they spend their own money.  Suggestions made so far include a trip to Leeds Art Gallery, plants for the classroom and a donation to charity.  (Donations to the Roundtree Pension Fund will be most welcome!)