Monday 18 November 2013

Today is anti-bullying day, part of national anti-bullying week.  Several of our classes have taken part in anti-bullying dance workshops led by Melissa from Flex Dance Inc.  All the artists of the songs used in the whole school performances have been victims of bullying in their lives.  Well done to all the children involved who learned their routines in such a short time and produced very confident performances.

Last week at our latest School Council meeting, all school councillors agreed to keep our current definition of bullying:

Bullying is when you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, more than once and on purpose.

Alongside this definition we have used the following prompts for the children to remember:

Advice about bullying is available on a number of websites.  These include Kidscape, Childline, anti-bullying alliance, BBC and ThinkUKnow.  Talk Time homework this week will give you chance to discuss this important topic with your child/children.

Our children tell us they would speak to an adult in school, family or friends if they were to experience bullying or if they saw bullying.

‘I feel safe because school would deal with bullying.’

‘I feel safe at school as there are always teachers there if you ever have any problems.’

‘I feel safe at school because everyone around me looks after me.’

Pupil health questionnaire 2013

If you do have any concerns about bullying, please speak to a member of staff.