Extreme reading

Tuesday 29 July 2014

This summer, we want everyone from Moortown Primary to be reading! Reading in bed, reading in the garden, reading at a relative’s house, reading on a train or plane – reading anywhere and everywhere!

Whilst we teach reading skills at school, every child needs lots and lots of opportunities to practise their reading skills and, of course, to read for pleasure. It’s important that your child reads regularly – it’s a life skill we use all the time, after all. It doesn’t matter whether they’re reading a good story, some fascinating factual books, websites, comics, or anything else. In fact, the more they read and the wider they read, the better.

This summer sees the return of the Extreme Reading competition! We want you to send us a picture of your child reading… in the most extreme place they can think of! A few years ago, someone was captured reading on top of a letter box, in a tank, buried in sand… There’s a book voucher for the best pic from Reception (that’s next year’s class!), Y1,2 and Y3,4 and Y5,6 and next year’s Y7 – so our current Y6 pupils can enter!

Send your pic to headteacher@moortown.leeds.sch.uk