Dancing raisins

Monday 19 June 2017

In our Food mini-topic so far, we’ve been learning about sources of food, where in the world our food comes from, different food groups and which are the most important for our health (check out the Eat Well Guide). Today, we became scientists to carry out an experiment with a type of food – raisins.

The children suggested their own question to test using different equipment and resources provided. It was great to see the progress the children have made with their scientific questioning throughout the year. The chosen test was to see what happened when we put raisins in the still water and the fizzy water. After using another key scientific skill, predicting, we started our test by making sure it was fair, too.

The results were dancing raisins in the fizzy water!

Our observation skills were needed to watch what was happening to the raisins and the bubbles. After the investigation, there were some great suggestions about what we could test next. Isabella wondered what might happen if we tried it in apple or orange juice?

Finally, we did some mindful eating (using our senses) to try some raisins. Most of us were able to wait until we actually tasted them!