End of year reflections

Thursday 20 July 2017

It has been a real pleasure teaching all the children this year. Mr Owen and I are extremely proud of each and every child. Throughout the year, confidence has grown, mature attitudes have developed, risk-taking (both in the classroom and on residential) have improved and there are many others I could add to this list.

We hope that all the children have enjoyed their time in Year 4 and we wish them well as they continue on with their learning journey.

Many thanks for all the support from parents and for all the very kind gifts.

Below is a poem to reflect upon our year.

Reflections Year 4

There once was a class – Year 4           

Who were anything but a bore

When the bell rang

Oh, the teachers they sang

And rush to open the door.


In Isaac a risk he takes

And learns by the mistake he makes

Next to him Nicky sits

Working hard to bits  

He’s ready to learn when he wakes.    


Poor Ripley he’s had a few bumps                 

Some of which have caused large lumps

Manpreet sure can chat                               

She needs to shorten that

But boy that girl can jump.


Dear Josh is next in line                   

Like the sun he always shines

Lewis it’s true                                              

You work your way through

With handwriting that’s really quite fine.


In Filip an artist we found

With knowledge to totally astound

Theo drama’s your thing

We’ve heard you sing                                            

Rockafella – such a great sound.

Oh Dylan what can we say

We’re more proud of you every day          

Creation’s her thing

And she loves to sing

Pia’s homework has blown us away.


Hardworking and focused she is

Sachpreet has become quite a whizz

It’s plain to see  

Ethan’s just lovely

And there’s nothing he likes more than a quiz. 


Gymnastics and dancing at pace

All with a smile on Maja’s face   

Albert be sure

We’ve seen you mature                        

A friend like you is just ace.


We know that sport is your thing

And Farai competition you bring                                                        

A head full of facts

Inside they’re all packed

And Thomas just loved to sing.                    


Isaiah it’s been a great year

Your reading has made us all cheer

She came out of her shell

And boy it went well

Humairah you conquered your fears.


So lucky to have taught you Kai

Make sure you aim for the sky

A challenge he faces

And through it he races

You’ve beaten us Alex no lie.


Martha we’ve been quite impressed

Your work is always your best

In Amrit we see

A professional to be

Such talent and so smartly dressed.

Norpreet not sure where to start

Your kindness and such a big heart

Maths he has nailed

And art was unveiled

Ishaan we’re glad to have been a big part.


Lori a good friend too all

Even better with a ball

Next door is Danny

Who’s really quite canny

If you need help then he’s who you call.


A delight in person is Grace

How we’ll miss that smiling face

Ben what’ll I do

My helper who knew

To put wires in the right place.


Be happy to move to Year 5

We know you’ll continue to thrive

It’s sad but true

The year is through

For your best you should always strive.


A smile, a tear we’ve shared

Be sure about you we cared

Good luck everyone

It will be fun

And PLEASE don’t swing on your chairs!

Mrs Freeman, Mr Owen, Miss Hale and Mrs Bharath