Saturday 23 September 2017

This week, we’ve become explorers as part of our new big topic. Explorers is a geography driven topic that will see us embark on a journey round the world. Year 4 are all aboard and we have set sail on our adventure. Along the way, we are likely to encounter a few tricky situations! Luckily, as a group, we decided on the necessary items required to survive.

Let our journey begin.

First of all, navigation was at the top of our list.

We set to work looking at atlases, maps, compasses, globes and directions. In class, we studied paper maps and compared them to how we navigate our way today. Ask your child how they remember the points on a compass.

“I’d like to explore countries that are a long way away from England.”

It was fascinating to find a location on a map and then on Google Earth. Year 4 navigated their way around the world looking at places of interest.

Working with a partner, the children could identify and name such things as: rivers, mountains, settlements, famous landmarks, continents and more.

“I wonder what our school was like years and years ago?”
“It’s amazing how much water there is on planet Earth.”

A few children also set to work on a jigsaw of the United Kingdom. Working with Mrs Charlesworth, they looked at the names of regions and counties within our country. Sadly, one piece was missing!

” I really enjoyed the jigsaw. I could find out where I live.”

After all that travelling, we were exhausted!

Time to relax in our very own dinghy.

Stay posted for the next part of our exploration.

It may get bumpy!