06 September 2019

Friday 06 September 2019

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and is due on Thursday 12 September.

I can read Roman numerals (up to 100).

The children have written the key facts for Roman numerals in their homework books and should practise this skill for their homework.  Some children have chosen to take a worksheet to practise on. Some haven’t taken a worksheet as they’ve really enjoyed this learning and so can try and be creative in their practice.

Here’s what we learnt to do and a few suggestions of what their practice could look like:

We know how to:

For example, 37 = XXXVII, 54 = LIV,  42 = XLII, 91 = XCI

For example, XXVII = 27, XLI = 41, LXXXI = 81

For example, XVII + LXI = 78 (LXXVIII)

Your child could: