06 September 2019

Friday 06 September 2019

This week’s spelling activity focuses on the ‘ai’ sound and the alternative graphemes for this sound: ai, ay, ey, a-e, eigh, aigh, a, ei, ea.

See how many words you can think of that include the ‘ai’ sound and record them in your homework book – try sorting them according to the grapheme use to make the ‘ai’ sound.

This homework is due on Thursday 12 October and there will be no test on Friday.

The times table focus this week is the 2 x table. This includes up to 12 x, including the division facts to go with it. Challenge your children by seeing whether they can use their 2 x table knowledge to answer 20 and 200 times table questions:

Chn can record practice in their books but this is not compulsory. There will be a test on Friday 13 October.