Design and Technology: treehouse building

Friday 11 October 2019

We’ve researched. We’ve designed. We’ve planned. Now, it’s time to make.

Starting with our three main criteria, we have moved into the making stage of our design process. Our platform, entry/exit and team flag were the criteria that every group had to include in their design and all groups have added these to their trees this week. Some groups have moved on to their other criteria too.

We’ve found it really tricky to attach things to our trees and are having to develop our knotting skills and analyse whether what we’re attaching is sturdy enough.

There’s been some great teamwork throughout the whole design process. Now, we’re having to work together to decide what the best materials are for the different parts of our plan and weigh up the cost of these materials too.

At home, ask us what we’ve achieved on our treehouse so far and what obstacles we’ve had to overcome.