26 March 2020: Home learning

Thursday 26 March 2020

Good morning, everybody!

I’m missing seeing you all so I’m really appreciating the emails that I’m receiving. It has been wonderful to see some of the great learning that has been going on at home – I’m really proud of everyone!

Thank you to those who sent their questions for grandad. I’ve written a list of them and will be asking him when I speak to him later – look out for his answers! 🙂

Remember, if you need help with anything school related, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Onto today’s task…


Below, is a list of tricky words that you need to be able to spell by the end of Year 1.







Your task is to learn (or remind yourself) how to spell them and then put them into sentences. Here’s the fun bit… I want you to write the words into silly sentences.


My pet lion wanted soup for his lunch.

Can you write at least 5 sentences?


Can you use all of the words in one sentence?


One day, I made my lion and his friend soup for lunch because they were hungry.

Remember, not all words have to be spelt correctly. Make sure you spell the words from the list correctly and use your phonic knowledge to segment words you’re unsure how to spell.


I’ve written some number fact calculations below – some are true and some are false.

6 + 2 = 8

2 + 7 = 8

3 + 5 = 8

1 + 7 = 9

4 + 6 = 11

1 + 5 = 6

8 + 1 = 8

3 + 0 = 4

2 + 8 = 10

5 + 2 = 7

Your task is to make a list of true calculations and a list of false calculations.


Challenge: Can you make the false calculations into true calculations?


Here are some questions using Phase 3 phonemes.

Can a duck quack?

Can a boat sail?

Is all hair fair?

Is the moon far off?

Is it dark at night?

Is a thick book thin?

Can we get wool from a sheep?

Will six cows fit in a car?

Will all shops sell nails?

Can a chicken sit on a chair?

Are the teeth of sharks sharp?

Can you hear bees buzzing now?

Your task is  to read them independently and then decide if the answer is yes or no. Make two signs, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and then hold them up when answering the questions.

Challenge: Create your own yes/no questions using the words below:





If you want more support with phonics, log onto phonics play using the link, https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/.

There are some great games to play on there – I love playing, ‘Buried Treasure’.

Good luck and keep smiling.

Mr Parker