1 April 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Good morning. It’s April Fool’s day today. Have you played a trick on anyone yet?


Words to read:

Words to write:

plum, swim, spoon, float

Phonics activity

Literacy: Story Treasure Hunt
Ask your grown-up to write 4-6 clues about a story you know well and hide the words around the house. For example, if they were leaving clues about Jack and the Beanstalk they might write ‘beanstalk’, ‘giant’, ‘cow’ and ‘Magic Beans’. Try and read the clues by yourself. Can you make a story map re-telling the story from the clues you have discovered?

Which story did you use?

I would love to see your story maps.

Maths: sharing

Try to share different numbers. Which numbers can’t you share?

Extra activity

Have a great day!

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