Our daily message (26 June 2020)

Friday 26 June 2020

Our final message this week comes from Mrs Weekes, our Head of School…

School has been open more widely (for children other than those of key workers and those who might be deemed vulnerable) for four weeks now and we’re really pleased that we’ve been able to offer more places.

Whilst the children who are coming to school are happy and relieved to be back into some kind of routine, school by no means feels complete. We miss our home learners enormously. Staff are working really hard to keep in touch by email, phone calls or even a wave through the fence. You’ve not been forgotten!

It’s great that our Year 6 children have been able to come back, even on a part-time basis, before they move on to Year 7.

The four bubbles have worked well and the staff and children have been brilliant at keeping their social distance as much as possible but it’s really important that this is being followed at home, too. As Mr Roundtree has said in Wednesday’s message, it’s really hard when children feel that they can’t tell us what they’ve been doing at home; it’s really uncomfortable for them and the member of staff. The social distancing guidelines are there to keep us all safe – please make sure you’re following them for everyone’s sake.

Also, when picking up or dropping off your child, please make sure that you are sticking to the correct times so that we can ensure there are not too many people in the school grounds.

The staff that are working in school are doing a grand job; these are the members of staff working with your children:

If a member of staff is unable to be in school and there is any change of staff within the bubble, parents will be informed.

The guidance is now being changed and there has been more easing of the lockdown restrictions but please bear in mind the virus hasn’t gone away and that any news about schools is not given to us first; we hear it when you do.

Do get in touch if you’re struggling in any way.

Thanks for your support in these difficult times. Have a great weekend – in your bubbles – and stay safe.