Week 12: 01 July 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Good morning, everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your learning this week.

Today’s learning activities.


Watch Geraldine Giraffe to practice ‘ow’.

Words to read:
Practise the phoneme ‘oo’.

Sort the words. Which have the long ‘oo’ sound and which words had the short ‘oo’ sound?

For example;
Food has the long ‘oo’ sound
Book has the short ‘oo’ sound

Let’s talk!

Follow my instructions

What you will need:

Simple ingredients and utensils to make a snack – this could be cheese spread on crackers, sliced fruit or toast.
2 players

How to play:
The aim of the game is for your child to follow your instructions when making a snack. Your child will need to listen very carefully so that you don’t have to help at all. For example, verbal cues only rather than non-verbal (such as pointing).
To make this more challenging you could have different sized utensils or different coloured ingredients.
Here is an example below:

Making fruit salad
1. Get the largest banana from the fruit bowl.
2. Get one small and one large orange from the fruit bowl.
3. Get a handful of red and green grapes from the fruit bowl.
4. Use the smallest knife to cut the banana into slices and put it into the large, green bowl.
5. Peel the orange and separate into segments. Put it into the large, green bowl too.
6. Put 8 red grapes and 10 green grapes into the large, green bowl.

Make sure your child listens to what you say and doesn’t ask you to point. The aim of the game is for your child to understand your language through verbal instructions.
Why this game?
This game supports your child’s listening and understanding skills. Using size, colour and quantity when giving instructions will challenge your child to really tune into and understand what you are asking them to do.

PASS IT ON! Your child could then ‘pass it on’ and give the instructions to another family member. Challenge your child to only use their words and not use actions when giving their instructions.


Story of the week- The snail and the whale by Julia Donaldson

The snail visited lots of places. Can you draw a map of where he went? Label your map.



Count to 20

We have been learning about teen numbers.

Join me to learn about the number 17.

Seventeen is one ten and seven more

Let’s learn about the number 17.

Draw 17 in lots of different ways.

Extra activity-art
This is ‘The snail’ by the artist Henri Matisse.
He made his pictures by tearing paper. He called this technique ‘painting with scissors’.

Can you see a spiral pattern?

Cut and stick coloured paper to make your own snail.