Week 13: 09 July 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 08 July 2020

Good morning!

Here are your Thursday home learning activities.


Read the tricky words. Try to say each word in a sentence.
Write a sentence using some of the tricky words.

Words to read:

As we near the end of a very unusual academic year, you or your child might be thinking about Year 1.

Usually at this time of year, to support your child’s transition, we would  ask them to write a letter to their Year 1 teacher. This is a great way for your child to tell their teacher about who they are and start their learning journey with their new teacher.
Can your child write a letter and email it to us? We will then give it to their Year 1 teacher.

Your child might like to write;
-What makes them special
-What they like and don’t like to do/eat
-What their favourite book is
-Who is in their family
Remember to


Watch numberblocks 18

Listen to the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’

You can use ten frames or objects to help you.

Extra activity

Sing a song about vegetables.


Let’s get active!
This week is ‘sports week’ and so we will be suggesting daily sports activities that your child can do at home to keep active. Next week, to follow on from ‘sports week’ we will explore how to live a healthy lifestyle.
‘Personal bests’
Can you do the activities below and improve your ‘personal best’ each day?