Week 14: 14 July 2020: Home learning

Monday 13 July 2020

Good morning!


Recap the phoneme ‘ear with Geraldine the giraffe.

Words to read:

Play sentence substitution.

Swap the words to make different sentences.

How many different sentences can you write?


This week we are thinking about our time in Reception and looking forward to going to Year 1.
Think about your proudest achievement.

Draw a picture of your proudest moment during your Reception year.


Sing this subtraction song

Use objects or ten frames to solve these subtraction problems.


Extra activity

Healthy living – hygiene
Sing this song about how to wash your hands.

You could sing it whilst washing your hands at home.

Discussion: Why do we need to wash our hands?

Watch an experiment on CBeebies?

Why not have a go?
You will need:
• Pepper – these will be the germs
• Bowl of water
• Soap