A goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 children

Thursday 16 July 2020

Forget watching EastEnders repeats! Turn off the football (it’s not the same without live crowds, anyway)! Instead, watch this…

…40 minutes of heart-warming messages as we say goodbye to our Year 6 children, and they say goodbye to Moortown Primary. Bet you can’t watch it without a smile on your face (and even perhaps a tear in your eye!).


For all the support over the years, thank you to all the mums, dads, carers and other adults at home. We’ll miss you, too.

Miss Wilson writes: ‘It’s been an absolute pleasure to teach every single one of your children. I am extremely proud of the amazing young people they’ve become and can’t wait to hear about their fantastic futures. Thank you for all your support over the last two years. Please pop in to say hello whenever you can because I’ll miss you all lots!’

Very best wishes to our Year 6 friends as they leave us, hopefully to go on to even happier and healthier futures.