Enjoying our shared area

Wednesday 09 September 2020

We have been so impressed with all the children this week. On Monday, the class entered school with huge smiles on their faces and this has continued throughout the week.  Coping with new routines can be difficult for us all. However, the children have modelled how to do this well and without fuss.

As well as the classroom, Year One also have a shared area that is used as a learning space. This allows us to present the children with further learning opportunities and we will be using this area as an extension to our classroom.

The children have been taught how to use the area correctly and the importance of keeping it tidy. Below, are a few snap shots of how we learn in our shared areas.

Promoting a love for reading.
Completing a counting task. Building a wall for Humpty Dumpty and counting the bricks.
Constructing and counting.