Fab feedback from a former pupil…

Wednesday 14 October 2020

It was lovely to read this email that arrived recently…

My name is …, and I was a pupil in Moortown Primary School between 2006-2012. I just wanted to drop a quick, albeit overdue, letter of appreciation for the phenomenal years this school and its staff has given me. I think it goes without saying that having the responsibility of educating the younger generation has an immense impact on their development and well-being. It still surprises me today when I get reminded of my days being taught under such great characters. Each and every single one of my former teachers in this school has, in one way or another, taught me a skill in which I use to my advantage today. I arrived in the UK in the summer of 2006 from my home country Kuwait, not knowing a single word in English. Suffice to say, I felt very much at home and welcomed by a such a loving school.

I owe my love for numbers and Mathematics to Mrs. Taylor, and her magnificent style of teaching while I was in Year 2. I also owe my critical thinking to Mr. Roundtree, whenever he’d have his … long conversations about thinking outside the box.

I’m happy to say that I am now entering my second year of study in the University of Sheffield, majoring in Software Engineering.

I genuinely believe this school shaped me into the man I am today; so thank you.