Week Beginning 19 October 2020

Sunday 18 October 2020

We’re really missing you in school and we can’t wait to have you back. We hope you’re managing to stay happy, healthy and safe while you’re not with us here in school. You are still very much a part of our school community so please get in touch with us. You can email me at [email protected].

Here’s a short video message from me introducing the week.


This week’s maths learning is linked to addition and subtraction

These five video lessons will roughly match the teaching and learning happening in class:

Lesson 1: video, worksheets, answers

Lesson 2: video, worksheets, answers 

Lesson 3: video, worksheets, answers 

Lesson 4: video, worksheets, answers

You don’t have to print the worksheet. Your child can write or draw their answers on paper. Your child’s learning will be most effective if you sit with them to pause the clip and check / praise / support your child as the clip moves on.


Look on the homework page to find this week’s spellings. Your child should complete one task each day.

(Suggested time: 15-20 minutes daily)

Reading fluency

This is the text we’ll read in class to to build up fluency skills this week.

In school, we generally follow this sequence:

(Suggested time: 15 minutes daily)

Reading comprehension

Day 1: We will be using this RIC lesson in class. RIC stands for:

Day 2:  Watch this video and learn about the ‘au’ digraph.

Day 3: Watch this video and learn about the ‘ey’ digraph.

The two videos above were made by one of our teacher friends from another school in the federation.

Day 4: Book Club. Once a week, we have a relaxing lesson where we sit and read quietly, often with an adult. At home, we’d like you to read your favourite book or text, too. If possible, discuss the book with an adult, talking about some or all of the sections of this grid.

(Suggested time: 30 minutes daily)


Activity  1

This week in class, we are learning about tense. Watch this video and have a go at this sheet.

Activity  2

Talk to your child about a picture or photograph you choose. Write three words or phrases to label different things in the picture (eg ‘a car’ or ‘a red car’). Your child should aim to spell in a sensible way and use finger spaces between the words, joining up letters if they can (use our handwriting guide to help).


This week, we’re starting our new topic learning about The Great Fire of London. Find out what London was like in the past using this this Oak National Academy Lesson. 

(Suggested time: 30-45 minutes)


We’re continuing our  learning about habitats and living things. This Oak National Academy lesson will really help to support learning at home. Once your child has watched the video, try the quiz that follows.

(Suggested time: 30-45 minutes)