This week in Reception

Sunday 06 March 2022

We had a busy week last week and really enjoyed  seeing all of the children’s costumes on World Book Day.


We have learnt all the phonemes we need this year and during the next few weeks, we will be practising reading longer words and gaining fluency.


The children are doing really well with their reading and becoming more fluent and confident. Remember, they will have read their reading practise book four times before it is assigned as an e-book. We are aiming for fluency and your child should not need to blend the words.

I hope you will be impressed with how fluent they are becoming.

Any problems with accessing the e-books, please let me know.


This week we will continue to look at comparison and using the language of ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to describe the relationships between numbers.

‘Less than’ is used instead of ‘fewer than’ when the focus is on each number’s position in the counting sequence.

Considering equal quantities and equal distribution will prepare the children for the meaning of the equals (=) symbol.