This week’s message (Friday 24 June 2022)

Friday 24 June 2022

Thanks to everyone who responded to this year’s annual survey. We’ll spend the next few weeks reviewing the responses and building in some action points to our School Improvement Plan.

This week’s message is a little different: it comes from our Junior Leadership Team…

JLT stands for the Junior Leadership Team. The members of the team are voted for by the other kids in their class. All members are committed to their responsibilities.

As part of the JLT, we help to decide which charity the school should support. Each class puts forward a charity and the JLT make a democratic decision.

In meetings, we talk about the school’s safety and what needs improving. The JLT did a safety audit last term and looked at what could be improved or changed in school.

We discuss the school lunches and sometimes we get to choose which meals stay on the menu. We listen to our classmates for ideas and that really helps to improve our school.

As members of the JLT, we take on board all the suggestions that have been put in the Living and Learning box. It is important to listen, share and discuss classmates’ ideas, not just our own.