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Friday 04 November 2022

This week, we’ve been busy learning about autumn festivals: Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali.
Here are some snapshots of what activities we did to support our learning…

We designed and created rockets.
We explored moving in different ways like fireworks.
We made Diya lamps at the playdough table.
We made Rangoli patterns with rice.

We created our own potions and had a go at writing a list of ingredients.

My potion will turn you into…

AT – a runaway pumpkin with two legs and three arms.
FM – a rocket.
MB – a witch.
LN – a rat.
LC – jelly.
FM – a rainbow.

We created some amazing Mehendi patterns!

On Tuesday, two police officers came to visit us and shared some important information about how we can stay safe on Bonfire Night.

Later in the week, we made safety posters and reflected on the things we know.

HB – Stand back from the fireworks.
AT – Barney could wear a safety jacket.
FM – Always stay away from fireworks.
LN – When holding a sparkler, keep it away from you.
SS – Wear gloves when holding a sparkler.
AP – Keep pets indoors.

This week, we continued to practise our counting skills. We reinforced our understanding of cardinality – that the last number in the count tells us ‘how many’ things there are altogether in a set of objects. We looked at 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the 5 fingers on one hand. We  explored representing numbers to 5 using both our fingers and the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern).

We collected 5 objects with a partner.
Can you collect 5 objects that are all the same?
…5 that are the same but different colours?
… 5 that are different sizes? 

By using these key representations it has helped us understand the ‘fiveness’ of 5.

On Thursday, we enjoyed our first gymnastics session with two gymnastic coaches.  We showed great resilience and determination.

Click here to watch this week’s poem.


Home-Link Challenge

If you’re going to a bonfire this weekend, have a safe and happy time!
See you on Monday.