This year’s last message (Friday 16 December 2022)

Friday 16 December 2022

Our last weekly message of the year comes from Mrs Weekes.

After a very busy term, we’ve finally made it to the last day. A few members of staff have been standing on their tiptoes to see the end of term and now it’s here!
Before we all turn off our emails and notifications, here are a few thoughts from me.
I’d like to say a massive thank you to the PTA. This term has seen a wonderful effort on their behalf to recruit new members, involve more people, and to get things back on track after Covid. Their fantastic efforts were very evident on Friday at the Christmas Fair. The atmosphere was great and so many parents were involved. Thank you if you attended and spent your hard-earned cash and thank you to everyone who was involved in the organisation and running the stalls.
The PTA plan events to raise money for things in school that wouldn’t necessarily come out of the school budget. One example is the development of the land at the back of school – the land we’ve nicknamed ‘The Green’. It may seem that we’ve been very quiet with updates around this but it’s all progressing nicely: the area is still fenced off as grass seed has been sown so we need to let it grow before 211 children trample all over it! Once the grass is established, hopefully towards the end of the Spring term, we’ll be able to open it up for our children to use and then we can develop other aspects in the area over time.
It’s been great to be able to welcome parents back into school to celebrate learning and other events. As you know, Covid affected this greatly and it was hard to be able to involve you in your child’s life at school. Thank you for your patience while we’ve gradually built this involvement back to normal; we hope you’ve enjoyed being able to come into school after all this time – long may it last!

I hope you all have a relaxing break over the Christmas holidays and get to spend time with your families. We’ll see you back in school on Tuesday 03 January 2023.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support throughout 2022, and wish you happy times over the Christmas holiday period. All the best, David Roundtree.