Living and Learning: I know what a drug is.

Saturday 07 January 2023

Over the next couple of weeks in our Living and Learning sessions, we will be focusing on “Being Safe”.  This week in Living and Learning, we discussed what a drug is and what might influence a person to take/not take them.

We learnt that a drug is: ‘a substance people take to change the way they feel, think or behave.’

We also talked about the term ‘drugs’ and how it refers to all drugs:
• all illegal drugs,
• all legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and volatile substances (those giving off a gas which can be inhaled),
• all over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

In small groups, the children created diamond nines of what they thought would be the biggest influence for taking/not taking drugs. Here is an example:

The children also gave reasons for their choices: “feelings/emotions might be the biggest influence as people might think it helps to relieve stress” and “family would not influence you to take them because they love you and wouldn’t want to harm you”.