Living and Learning: I know that people shout treat others respectfully when online

Monday 20 February 2023

On the 7th of February, Moortown celebrated ‘Safer Internet Day’ along with lots of other schools and organisations in the UK.

We spent some time learning about how we can work out if online information is true or not. ‘Fake news’ has become more of an issue on the internet and therefore, it is important that the children understand what it is and how to identify it.

We learnt some tips which help us in decipher what is ‘fake news’ and what news can be trusted. Some of these include questioning the source of the information, whether the story appears in more than one place and asking ‘if it feels right’.

We also spoke about the importance of speaking to a trusted adult if we see anything online that worries us.

Help at home by asking your child how they might be able to decipher whether a news story is trustworthy or not.