Spring 2: Week 2

Friday 03 March 2023

For World Book Day 2023, we enjoyed reading with the Year 3 children and doing some drama. The children were put into small groups and given a traditional tale book. They amazed us with their team work and acting skills!
We were also lucky to have some of our parents and grandparents join us for a stay and read session this morning- thank you to those who could make it.

We continued our transport topic by reading The Hundred Decker Rocket by Mike Smith. We designed our own deck and wrote a sentence about our design. We also watched a video of first moon landing and looked at some rockets from the past. Ask your child if they can remember the names of:

On Monday, the children enjoyed their music session with Miss Gaunt. They listened carefully to a song called Golden and responded with rhythm, gesture and emotion. Click here to watch them sing the song.

Poetry Picnic
This week’s poem has gone down with a BAM! Click here to POP away with us.

This half-term, we’re learning about different religious and cultural celebrations. Last week, we learnt about a carnival that happens in places like Brazil and other South American countries.
This morning, we learnt about a Hindu festival called the Holi Festival. After watching a video about how Hindus celebrate this festival, we had to have a go at getting (a bit) messy ourselves! Click here to watch some snapshots.

Take a look at some of this week’s chilli challenges: