Summer 1: Week 1

Friday 21 April 2023

Welcome back! We hope you all had a happy and healthy break. Thanks to everyone who sent an email about your child’s half-term holiday. We had lots of fun sharing these on Monday.

This half-term our topic is called Life on Earth.  We’ve kicked off our topic by going on  bug hunts. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be learning more about life cycles. We’ll closely observe caterpillars and tadpoles to help us understand the different stages of a life cycle.  A big thanks to Huey (and Mum) for bringing in some tadpoles!

Help at home: Find out about your favourite insect. Draw a picture of it and write one or two facts about it. Bring it to school next week for us to share.

This week, the creative area turned into a woodwork bench. The children worked in small groups to create bug hotels. They used hand drills, screwdrivers and hammers to create their bug hotels.
Our finished bug hotels…
Next week, we’ll be finding natural objects to put inside our bug hotels.
Help at home: Can you help collect natural objects to put inside our bug hotels?

Yesterday, we really enjoyed our first session with the Foot-Tech coaches. This half-term, we’ll be learning three key skills: push, kick and throw.
This week, we’ve started Phase 4. In this phase children will use the phonemes learnt in Phase 2 and Phase 3 to read and spell words with four or more phonemes and words ending in suffixes:
–ing, –ed /t/, –ed /id/ /ed/, –est

Here are some examples:
CVCC words: tent, damp, toast
For example, in the word ‘damp’, d = consonant, a = vowel,  m = consonant,  p = consonant

CCVC words: swim, plum, spoon
For example, in the word ‘plum’, p = consonant, l = consonant, u = vowel, m = consonant

CCVCC words: stamp, crept, twist
For example, in the word ‘stamp’, s = consonant, t = consonant, a = vowel, m = consonant, p = consonant

CCCVC words: strap scrub strong
For example, in the word, ‘strap’, s = consonant, t = consonant, r = consonant, a = vowel, p = consonant

CCCVCC words: strand strict sprint
For example, in the word, ‘sprint’, s = consonant, p = consonant, r = consonant, i = vowel, n = consonant, t = consonant 

They’ll also learn to read and write 18 new tricky words.

Help at home: Practise reading and writing this week’s tricky words:
said, so, have and like.

Poetry Picnic
This week’s poem was called Pitter Patter. 
Help at home: When it rains this weekend, have fun saying this week’s poem together at home.

Have a lovely weekend.