Summer 2: Week 3

Friday 23 June 2023

Literacy and history
This week, we’ve been reading Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. After reading the story, we worked together to sequence the story pictures.
Our word of the week was thoughtful. We talked about what the word means and how it links to our story. All week, we’ve been thinking about how we can be thoughtful at school.

For our writing activity, we thought about who we would share a shell with and why.

Yesterday, we looked at some past and present seaside holiday photographs. We talked about similarities and differences.

Awais – They both have the sea.
Lucas – They both are busy.
Huey – This one has a little boat.
Myla – There’s no umbrellas.
Eleanor – One has an island and the other doesn’t.

We compared other things such as clothing, food and activities.

Help at home: Find a picture of you at the seaside and compare it to one of these photographs. You could even ask an adult at home if they can remember their seaside holidays.

With sports day just around the corner, we’ve been busy practising our races. They showed fantastic determination and teamwork especially when doing the relay and three-legged race. We are super excited for sports day!
Help at home: Practise your races in the garden!

Poetry picnic
This week’s poem is called I Have a Little Frog. Miss Gaunt has been doing an excellent job at looking after our tadpoles and now they have legs! We check on them everyday to see if they’ve changed.
Click here to watch the poem.