Summer 2: Week 4

Friday 30 June 2023

This week, we’ve been reading Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon.

This book has helped us to think about how to look after our oceans, animals and earth. It has helped us to understand that we are responsible for our own litter. The children have extended their vocabulary through the use of: recycle, sanctuary, island and pollution.
We’ve even given our school playgrounds a Clean Up!
We’ve been busy creating our own mobile sculptures based on Alexander Calder’s famous moving mobiles. We used wire, polystyrene 3d shapes and tissue to create our own representations of his work.
Living and Learning
This week, we’ve been recognising our strengths and saying good things about ourselves.  I am good at…

FlM – looking after my baby sister.
HFW – building sand hills.
TH – passing a ball.
DD – Numbots.
SB – tidying up.
FiM – football.
ER – gymnastics.
SS – phonics.
AP – quizzes.
HW – tidying my room.
JZ – playing on the slides.
AS – being a good friend.
RY – sports.

We look forward to welcoming you back into classroom for our final learning journey drop in this year. See you all next week!