Spring 1: Week 4

Friday 02 February 2024

This week, we’ve been super busy being superheroes! We tried using our super speed, super strength and super writing skills to capture the Evil Pea. We made wanted posters and thought of sentences to describe the Evil Pea.

He has a red cape.
He is round.
He is green.
He has a black mask.

We’ve witnessed many determined superheroes trying to solve crimes and capture the Evil Pea. From finding and writing clues to building traps and recording messages on the iPads in the construction area, we’ve seen some fantastic team work!

Yesterday, we thought about what superpower we would have if we were superheroes.
This morning, two PCSOs visited us. They talked about their role and how they help people in our local community. We had lots of fun trying on police costumes and going in the police car.
In maths, we continued to develop our understanding of composition. We used the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern) to explore making 5. We used the ‘5 Little Aliens in a Flying Saucer’ song to help us remember the pairs of numbers that make 5. On Wednesday, we noticed there wasn’t enough space for 6 aliens on the die frame. Therefore, we used a double dice frame to explore numbers 6 and 7 that are composed of ‘5 and a bit’. 

Help at home: Number bonds to 5 game

This week, we learnt our final phase 3 graphemes (air, er) and tricky words (are, pure, sure)
Next half-term, we’ll revisit all of the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. We’ll also be reading words with:
– double letters (h-a-mm-er)
– two or more digraphs (ch-a-tter)
– ending in –ing (l-oo-k/i-ng)
– s /z/ in the middle (visit  sounds like v-i-z-i-t)
– s /s/ /z/ at the end (c-oo-k-s)
– es at the end (t-or-ch-es)

Help at home: Play tricky word SPLAT

Poetry Picnic
This week’s poem was an eight-line poem called A Little House.