Spring 2: Week 5

Thursday 21 March 2024

This week, we’ve seen lots of super independent learning!

We used watercolours to do observational paintings of daffodils.

We explored printing natural objects into clay.

We looked carefully at seeds and sorted them into groups. Our word of the week was miniscule. We used this word to describe the seeds.

We’ve been observing our beans to see if they’ve changed. This morning, we noticed a shoot!

This week, we used our perceptual subitising skills (seeing the quantity without counting) to build on our understanding of equal amounts. We used dice patterns and fingers to explore doubling quantities to 10.   We used this generalised statement when talking about doubles.

is made of … and …, double … is ….

We noticed that not all numbers are made of doubles. Can your child remember why? 

Help at home: Explore making double patterns with different objects at home.

Don’t forget to attend one of the learning journey drop ins next week. You’ll also get to meet Miss Lowry. We look forward to talking about your child’s amazing learning.