Summer 1: Week5

Friday 17 May 2024

What a fantastic week reception have had this week!

We have enjoyed lots of poetry this week. Aswell as learning our Poetry Picnic poem (The Fox), we have been learning other poems about animals we would find on a farm.


Here is a video of us perfoming one of our animal poems. The children created their own actions to bring the poem to life.



The children have also enjoyed creating their own farms and zoos. They planned what animals would be in them and worked collaboratively to bring their ideas to life.


During the week, we have been discussing the different animals we would find on a farm and their young. The children have been labelling different animals and writing about what they might find on a farm.


During the week, the children have demostrated some brilliant independent learning. In the areas of provision, children have been placing the correct number of animals in pens, playing the number track game with a partner and building their own staircase to ten using the unifix cubes. This has supported their knowledge development for numbers within ten.


Help at home: by counting to 10 and making your own number track at home to play with.

Living and Learning: I know that being physically active is mentally and physically healthy.

The children came up with ideas as to how they can stay physically healthy:

I can run lots at lunchtime.

I go on my bike really fast to use up all my energy.


We have been continuing our discusions from last week about healthy eating. The children have been making fruit kebabs. They decided what fruit they would like to have on these and enjoyed making them as much as they enjoyed eating them.



Reminder: Friday 24th May is a training day.