Summer 2: week 1

Friday 07 June 2024

The children have come back well rested and taller after the half term.

We have had lots of fun performing our poem Thunderstorm this week. The children have created their own actions for it and used musical instruments to bring it to life.



The children have enjoyed reading lots of pirate stories this week and have been writing their own setences about pirates, finding treasure and building their own pirate ships. They have also been walking the plank!


In maths this week, we have been looking at what is and what is not a double. We have been choosing numbers 0-10 and placing them on a tens frame to check if they are a double or not a double.

Help at home: give your child a number between 0-10 and ask them to check if it is a double or not. They can do this by getting the correct amount of objects and putting them into two piles. If they can make the piles equal, they know that it is a double.

Living and Learning: I know the ingredients of a happy and healthy relationship.

The children were able to discuss what a happy and healthy relationship looks like.  They talked about how it should make them feel and what they could do to build one.

They should ask me if I’m ok.

They should cheer me up if I’m sad.

We should play together and take turns.