Year 1 Class News

England Schools’ Swimming Association Primary Team Championships

Posted on Sunday 16 June 2024 by Mrs Taylor

This weekend, our Year 5 and 6 swimmers took part in this prestigious national finals event at Ponds Forge, Sheffield after recently qualifying in the North East regional heat.

Competing against schools from all over the country from Westminster to Guernsey to Devon, and with tough competition, all the team put in 100% in their mixed stroke and freestyle races. For some of our swimmers, this was their first experience of competitive swimming. We are very proud of how well all the children represented Moortown with such a great, supportive team spirit.

A huge thanks go to parents for their support with the team over the two events.

Races can be watched back on the following link.

1:08:00 lane 2 mixed stroke

2:40:50 lane 7 freestyle


Design and Technology: Textiles

Posted on Friday 14 June 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This half term we are learning all about Design and Technology and we will be sewing our own hand puppet! We are very excited to get going. Yesterday, we started practising our stitching skills by using the sewing cards. We had to thread our needle and tie a knot in the end. This took great resilience and perseverance but everybody did a brilliant job and kept on trying. Once the needle was threaded, we began to sew. We practised  both the overstitch and the running stitch and we were all very proud of ourselves!

Here is the vocabulary we will be learning about in this topic.

Help at home by looking over the vocabulary and discussing each word with your child.

What can you achieve?

Posted on Monday 10 June 2024 by Mrs Taylor

Today, Jess Wright, who is a coach with PE Partner and leads one of our after-school clubs, came to speak to the children in an assembly.

At only 17, Jess has been playing football for over ten years and currently plays for Sheffield Wednesday. She also coaches at different levels from children to adults and referees too.

Jess has another role which is to try to get children, especially girls, into football and providing opportunities for children who want to get involved.

Jess shared information of how to get involved in local physical activities. This could be our school after-school clubs, other local physical activities listed in our guide for parents and carers or other opportunities especially around football and getting girls into football.

Leeds City JFC are a local club looking for new members especially in their girls teams.

Wigton Moor JFC are another local club with opportunities.

Catalan Soccer offer classes and camps.

Thank you to Jess for coming into school to inspire the children and to share her experiences around football and the opportunities and skills it provides.

Geography: Kenya reports

Posted on Thursday 23 May 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This week we rounded off our Geography topic by writing a report all about Kenya. We were able to show off both our knowledge of Kenya and the world as well as our impressive writing skills. Both Miss Parwani and I thought everybody’s writing was excellent. They have learnt so much during this topic and they enjoyed the chance to write about it.


Help at home by discussing what they have learnt about Kenya and maybe choosing a different country to explore! What hemisphere is it in? What continent? Is it near the equator? What is the weather like? How is it different to the UK?

We are mathematicians!

Posted on Friday 17 May 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

Over the past couple of weeks in maths Year 1 have been working hard on numbers up to 100. We have been making the numbers using resources as well as breaking apart the numbers into tens and ones. We have looked at one more and one less than any number to 100 as well as comparing two numbers using the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs. The children have done brilliantly and I have been very impressed with their knowledge and how flexibly they can work with these numbers. These will great an amazing foundation for their work in Year 2.


Help at home by talking about numbers to 100 and asking children questions such as ‘What’s one more than _____? What’s one less? How many tens and how many ones are there in _____?’

Wonderful writing!

Posted on Friday 03 May 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This week in Year 1 we have been writing a report all about our own Wild Thing. After reading the book Where the Wild Things Are, we thought about what our own Wild Thing would look like and we drew some pictures. Then we thought about what it would eat, how it moved and where it lived. There was some brilliant and very original ideas! Some of us even managed to include a ‘Did you know?’ fact. Miss Parwani was very impressed with everybody’s effort and attitude to their writing.

Well done Year 1!

Help at home by discussing your child’s Wild Thing with them. Can they describe to you all the different elements we have talked about at school?

Living and learning: dental health

Posted on Friday 26 April 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This week in Living and Learning we learnt all about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. First of all we discussed what are some of the things we need to do to keep our teeth healthy, including visiting the dentist and brushing them twice a day.

Then we talked about what types of food are best for our teeth and which foods damage our teeth. We were really good at telling the difference between the two.

Finally, we talked about how to brush our teeth properly. We discussed the different stages and then had a practise on some big teeth! I love this song to help children remember how to brush their teeth!


Help at home by talking to your child about their dental health and how to brush their teeth properly.


Science: plants

Posted on Thursday 25 April 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This half term in science we are being biologists. We are looking at plants and their different parts. Today, we learnt about the difference between wild flowers and garden flowers. We came up with an amazing list of all the flowers that we knew! Some flowers were difficult to say whether they were wild or garden flowers because lots of people plant flowers they see in the wild in their garden!

After that, we went outside to see what flowers we could see in The Green. We had use great observations skills when identifying the different plants.

Help at home by looking out for different flowers in the park or your own garden. Can you identify them? Are they wild or garden plants?

Summer term after-school clubs

Posted on Monday 22 April 2024 by Mrs Taylor


The following clubs have availability and there is still time to sign up.

Arts & Crafts
Multi sports
Basketball KS1
Basketball KS2


The after-school clubs for this term are available for booking from this Wednesday. We hope your child/children can get involved with our extra-curricular activities.

This term, clubs will run for 10 weeks rather than 8 weeks starting week commencing 29th April.

Please contact the office if you have any queries about the after-school clubs.


We are Geographers

Posted on Friday 19 April 2024 by Mr McGriffiths

This half term our topic is Geography. We are learning all about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. The children have been learning these songs to help them remember and they love them.

Continents song click here. Oceans song click here.

We will be going on to learn about hot and cold areas in the world and then focussing on Kenya. We will compare the physical and human geography ofNairobi and Kenya to Leeds and the UK. We will use all our knowledge and everything we have learnt to write a report at the end of the term.

Here is the vocabulary we will be learning.


Help at home by listening to the songs and talking through the vocabulary so your child knows what we will be learning. You can also talk about countries you may have visited and find them on a map.