26 November 2010

Friday 26 November 2010

This is our final week of spelling words with prefixes. The spellings this week all have prefixes which change the meaning of the word to convey the opposite (synonyms). For example, tidy and untidy.

You will only be tested on the word with the prefix (words in bold). Nouns and verbs practise 1-10. Adjectives and adverbs practise 1-15.

1.  well      unwell

2. tidy    untidy

3. usual     unusual

4. certain     uncertain

5. friendly      unfriendly

6. selfish     unselfish

7. agree      disagree

8. comfort     discomfort

9. appear     disappear

10. obey     disobey

11. pleasant     unpleasant

12. approve     disapprove

13. trust      distrust

14. necessary     unnecessary

15. appealing      unappealing

Good luck!